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Did you know that every piece of music you hear is created in three timeframes, but you can only hear one of them?

Frame 1. The conductors end-in-mind for the piece and each players end-in mind for their contribution to the piece.
Frame 2. The conductors baton that shows the way for the next notes to be played.
Frame 3. The notes the players produce
(The only frame you hear).

To the untrained eye, it appears that the baton and the music are in the same timeframe, but the baton and it’s holder are actually one step ahead.

This is also how a business team should work, and like an Conductor, a good leader shows the way and then gets out of the way so you hear the contributions their team make.

You only get harmony when everything is aligned to the end-in-mind that the leader sees for all and that every team member sees for their contribution.

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